This series was my reaction to the ongoing stream of portraiture, paintings and photographs of the 'Golden Age.'

Instead of attempting to reproduce the perfect Rembrandt, the light and costume reconstructions, I sought the imperfections of an image, the imperfections of a digital painting.

12 portraits

different sizes



Ten years ago I left my beloved Amsterdam, where I was born and raised, to the countryside of the Northern part of Holland,  where  the nights are still dark. Being surrounded by farmer neighbours I embarked on my first photo project in the area. Visiting 14 farms in a radius of 10km around my house, became an intriguing journey. Cattle, sheep, water-buffalo, pig, chicken and turkey farmers, as well as a horse breeder, became the 14 portraits. Besides the photo’s I took on their farms in their natural habitat, I also ivited them in my studio dressed in their Sunday best. 


The work resulted in both an exhibition and a book.

14 portraits - 90 x 60



I admire the work of Saul Leiter. His urban street (color) photography, his eye for detail, but most of all how he was in life. No ambition at all. I can find myself in this quote of him.

“I don't have a philosophy. I have a camera. I look into the camera and take pictures. I just go out and photograph what I find interesting”

That’s what I  try to do with my photographs and the editing comes later. I don’t have a philosophy about what I am doing, I just do it.

12 portraits - Different sizes


Black, black, darker then dark. Hidden, not recognisable, mysterious.

Don’t be afraid of the BLACK.



The body of abstract work I created was the Cosmic series. (page abstract)

Choosing what specific images to photograph is of course important, but the process of shaping and redefining these images is, essential. Sometimes dozens of images are carefully constructed in layers. This method is closely related to that of a painter, it’s only a digital process.

Working in the digital firld is one of endless possibilities and difficulties, but  there are wonderful surprises as well.

The final photographs  arouse  our curiosity to what is not shown, to what remains hidden.

Beyond the Eye

I have a fascination with the transience of beauty.

It all happens to us, sooner or later, and I was looking at a way

to visualize it.

For sure, I wanted to have young woman.

They have been touched by,

and their skin is flaking, but it seems

it doesn't bother them.

With striking strong eye’s and a aditute, everything can happen, but I’m stronger than that.

7 portraits - 120 x 120



A project of it's own.

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