MONK54 Recordings is a AUDIO|PhotoArt Project.

I am surrounded by many good musicians. Music (making) is a common thread in my life besides graphic work, photography and formerly light design. Making music together is always a party.  So.. I record my favourite songs and then ask the various musicians to respond to the instruments they have mastered. That's MONK54 Recordings.

MONK54 Recordings is also the ability to show more of my digital work and photos.

All musicians will be photographed and incorporated into my digital work.

The first recordings where done in July 2020.

I salute the rising sun / Let's dance / - (demo) MONK Recordings
00:00 / 13:52
Sebastian (demo)MONK54 Recordings
00:00 / 08:00
Dance of the wind (demo)MONK54 Recordings
00:00 / 11:19
The sugar never arrived (demo) MONK54 Recordings
00:00 / 17:37
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