MONK54 Recordings is a AUDIO|PhotoArt Project.

A base of tape loops and drum machines, coloured by a fabric of distorted guitars. The stacked melancholy as in my photo work. Raw, far from perfect, often blurry, but also theatrical, graphic and thoughtful.

Enjoy the music and play it loud. Also on

Click the BLUE button below and listen to the music on BandCamp or on this site on the Play button.

Noodles with a VieuwMonk54 rec. (demo)
00:00 / 01:04
Dance of the wind (Part 1) MONK54 rec. (demo)
00:00 / 09:19
Azure sky (Part 1) MONK54 Rec. (demo)
00:00 / 15:03
Azure sky (Part 2) MONK54 Rec. (demo)
00:00 / 14:02
Azure sky (Part 3) MONK54 Rec. (demo)
00:00 / 07:51
The sugar never arrivedMONK54 rec. (demo)
00:00 / 17:27
I salute the rising sun (Let's Dance) - MONK54 Rec. (demo)
00:00 / 13:52
There's a hole in the sky MONK54 Rec. (demo)
00:00 / 14:12
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